Why I’m launching a Patreon page!

I’m back in blog land! Apologies for the silence on here…
OK.. so I decided to jot down some thoughts about why I’m starting a Patreon page.
By the way… I’m launching a Patreon page!!
Nearly three years ago I graduated from Music College, so now feels like a good moment to make a bold step forward. I spent an intense, amazing and insular 4 years dedicating myself to learning my craft. Alongside studying I began to teach a lot, and have found my specialism and own unique approach to coaching. It’s only been fairly recently that I’ve wanted to – and allowed myself – to merge these two parts of me more, and understand more deeply how much the performer/songwriter feeds the educator and vice versa.
I’m coming to a point where I’m running out of hours in the week to reach all the people who want my coaching. It’s frustrating sometimes to see how much of a positive impact singing has on people, and feel like I have a limit on the amount of people who I can coach! (That being said I do realise what a lovely predicament I’m in…)
So as I’ve been working towards recording and releasing my debut EP, and subsequent EPs, of my original songs, I have found a perfect place to launch both my performing/songwriting and coaching: PATREON!
Having thought quite a lot about how much the music industry has changed, particularly over the last 10 years or so with the rapid technological advances, it seems like connecting directly with your fans is a more organic way to keep producing music etc. It seems like much, much more responsibility falls on the artist these days, which makes life a lot more admin related.. but essentially is a good thing as we (the artists) can create what we want for the people who want it and cut out the stupid businessmen who have been known to get in the way of these things. Supporting a creator on Patreon is great (I support others too!) as I know that the small amount I contribute monthly goes directly to them and allows them time and budget to produce their next song/educational video etc. No cut to the middle man… More money in my pocket and the artist I’m supporting!
One of the main things I aim to do is to serve. It feels amazing knowing you’ve lifted/taught/changed/inspired somebody and this is something I feel very directly through my coaching, and more indirectly through my performing and songwriting. I love doing what I do and hope to continue long term performing, writing and coaching and I hope you’ll join me on the journey!
Love Lilli x