A little bit about me… I’ve been coaching for a number of years now, most recently specialising in boosting self esteem, working on vocal technique, song interpretation and developing jazz vocal practice. I love working one on one with students, helping them meet their goals and open up their confidence and musicianship. I also love leading masterclasses/workshops for solo singers, vocal groups and choirs.

I feel very privileged to facilitate peoples journey with music and singing. Be it exploring sound for the first time or achieving their dreams, it is amazing to help all singers grow into the musician they want to be.

Please feel free to get in touch if you want to hear more about my coaching and discuss how it could work for you:


“Before I started my lessons with Lilli, I never pictured myself as someone who would be able to sing in front of anyone. I always knew there was a part of me that had an inner voice, but I never dreamt I’d ever be able to bring this out and express myself. Within 6 months, Lilli was able to encourage me to let go of my inhibitions and stretch me to my limits, in a fun but firm, assertive way. She always knew my strengths and endeavoured to bring these to the forefront, allowing me to lay aside any insecurities and negative opinions I had of myself. Lilli has helped me completely change my poise, attitude, and perspectives of life. I have dared to do things that I would never dare to do before, like sing with a fully accompanying jazz band! I could never ask for a more brilliant tutor, now close friend. She’s a positively inspirational individual, and I could not recommend her more highly.” Niall

“You have a really positive energy that takes everyone to exciting new places in their development. Gentle yet incisive with lashings of humour – it’s a winning combination! I’ll definitely be back at another of your courses!!” Charlie

“I started lessons with Lilli two years ago as an adult learner. Lilli has really helped with my confidence and has always made me feel at ease in lessons. The lessons are always fun, engaging and energetic. Lilli tailors the lesson for my specific needs and she always explains the reasoning behind each exercise or repertoire choice, which I find interesting and helpful. I always leave the lessons feeling positive and look forward to the next one.”  Jo

“As an old man who had never sung in public before I found the course very enjoyable and I was handled with care. Lilli puts you at ease is extremely professional in her dealings with you making useful comments as you perform. I would recommend any course of hers and I look forward to the next session which I will attend with great pleasure.” Dave

I have sometimes heard it said (in arenas of artistic endeavour) that ‘those who cannot do, teach’.  Hence, it is always a privilege and a thrill to come across a performing artist whose teaching abilities, standards and musicianship are as accomplished and inspiring as their performances.  Lilli Unwin is one such consummate jazz musician who wears both hats with equal dedication and exuberance.  I came to Lilli in hopes of rekindling my passion for singing and to reconnect with my own voice and vocal potential after a long absence from the sport; from our very first lesson, I knew I was in safe and masterful hands.  In a word, lessons with Lilli are pure joy!  From our warm-up exercises to exploring scat to refining beloved jazz standards, each lesson has felt fresh, rich and expansive whilst building on prior ground; and I always emerge feeling encouraged and more confident as a singer and as a performer.  Additionally, as a classical pianist, I am perpetually amazed by Lilli’s impressive and versatile piano playing with which she seamlessly supports our lessons (she can accompany any song in any key, as required).  In summation, Lilli Unwin is a brilliant and dedicated vocal coach, a complete musician and the real deal – so glad I’ve found her!  R James

Lilli was my jazz teacher and coach at the music conservatory last year during a work assignment in London. A great jazz and indie pop singer in her own right and a smart, young teacher experienced beyond her years, Lilli took me through everything from physical exercises and vocal warmups before singing to scatting duets offering phrases, jumps and fricatives galore for me to explore 🙂 as a relative newbie to jazz vocal improvisation.  Lilli worked with me on my chosen songs and also suggested new and inspiring repertoire for me. I’d have to say the most impactful experience came about via her suggestions, guidance and helpful hands towards  my goal of recording and performing my own solo gig whilst in London.  Lilli’s thoughtful introductions and support in every way ‘on the night’ made a dream come true. She went above and beyond the typical role of coach or teacher!  I miss her terribly now that I’m back in the states.  Anyone new to jazz singing finds a treasure in Lilli Unwin and if they have the opportunity to work with her, they must grab it.
Kerrin P., NYC

(more to come soon)