Sing with Me

As well as my work as a singer & songwriter, I am a singing teacher, choir leader and facilitator. My passion is in boosting self esteem and wellbeing as well as building skills in musicianship, jazz and songwriting. During the COVID-19 Pandemic I am offering a range of online singing sessions, please see below. Once we are back to usual I will still be offering online workshops and one to one lessons, as well as in person. Our Voice Choir is usually based in Deptford and we regularly accept new members, so please get in touch if you are interested:

Our Voice Family Sing: Wednesdays at 11am live on the Our Voice Choir Youtube channel. These sessions are FREE so that everyone can participate, and are aimed at the whole family: children, parents, grandparents etc. This is an extremely accessible and fun singing session, a good place to start out on your singing journey. 

Our Voice Choir Online: a joyful and inclusive choir experience for adults. Weds 7pm

Workshops & Masterclasses: I regularly run vocal masterclasses on performance skills, jazz singing, songwriting, musicianship, improvising etc. so if you would like to be informed of the next one please sign up here: 

One to one coaching: I am thrilled to offer a limited number of one to one coaching slots for those who would like to dig deeper into their singing or songwriting & be supported in unlocking their potential. Lessons are tailored to each individual student’s needs, and can cover a range of topics including: Jazz singing, songwriting, musicianship & performance skills. In the sessions we will hone in on your unique gift and build the skills underpinning to allow your voice & style to shine through. I will help you determine how you wish to develop, and hold you accountable to your personal goals. Sessions will be uplifting and inspiring, giving you lots to keep busy with in-between! For more info or to book a free 10 min consultation call please email