Happy 2018 everybody! I hope this message finds you well. 2017 was a crazy year… lots going on in the world outside and inside my personal life. One of my proudest parts of my year was developing my coaching practice and working on some amazing weekend courses with fabulous people. This year I’m planning on recording and releasing my debut EP of original songs. This has been a long time in the making and I hope it will sum up my musical journey so far, and conclude what has been an exciting, exhausting and enlightening chapter in my life.

As my coaching practice expands I have noticed more demand for what I do, and have decided to launch a page on Patreon to stay in touch with those people, whilst also anticipating my EP release.

I’ve come to understand that at times like these my raison d’être is to bring openness to people through my singing, songwriting and coaching. Without reaching people and interacting with the wider community my task is only half done….

So, watch this space, follow me on social medias/patreon and sign up to mailing list for further information. Lots of Love, Lilli x