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Mentoring Program (8 Weeks)


I am thrilled to offer a limited number of one to one coaching slots for those who would like to dig deeper into their singing or songwriting & be supported in unlocking their potential.

Do you love to sing, but lack some confidence in taking your musical talents up to the next level?

Does it feel like you have great ideas and aspirations for your singing, but lack the knowledge of how to piece it all together?

Maybe you’ve tried courses which are a lot of fun, and have started practising by yourself, but now you have higher goals for your singing.

Courses are a great way to get a taste of what to work on, but then comes the hard part  — how, what & why to practice in-between. Each person needs a different approach, a different way of learning, a different soundworld… Here is my offer to have deeper, one-to-one support in unlocking your unique talent.

Having studied and honed my artistry as a jazz singer / songwriter, I am now opening up my practice to mentor aspiring jazz singers & songwriters. In the 8 week mentoring program, I will work with you on finding your own sound, developing your musicianship & holding you accountable to your goals. I will be offering two streams for the program; ‘Finding your jazz voice’ & ‘Honing your skills as a songwriter’, as well as providing the opportunity to design a bespoke program to include elements of both!

‘Finding your jazz voice’

  • Musicianship 
  • Interpretation
  • Techniques
  • & much more!

‘Honing your skills as a songwriter’

  • Songwriting devices and processes
  • Analysis and knowledge
  • Musicianship
  • & much more!

If you are interested in the 8 week mentoring program please find details & register your interest here: https://forms.gle/9jEXUghWp6i8Webr6

(If you have any problems with the form please email coaching@lillunwin.com )

I look forward to receiving your form responses and booking in a free call to discuss your bespoke design & goals!

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“Thank you so much for the session today!! In the midst of everything that’s going on at the minute, it was so refreshing having an hour with you just singing and letting loose, and it’s amazing how much a little singing can do for the soul! I think with the way things are right now, we could all do with setting our minds and spirits free. So once again, thank you for being such an inspiration and being a shining, friendly face! I’ll no doubt be booking in with you again soon.” March 2020


“I sought Lilli’s teaching as I wanted to resume an important hobby, singing and music, from my youth. She came highly recommended by a local music centre nearby me. 

Now we’ve moved to lockdown, I can attest to the strength of Lilli’s teaching through remote means. Her sessions are fun, technical, uplifting; they’re always geared towards a student’s needs, whilst cultivating good habits and technique that serve progress well. 

I always leave Lilli’s online sessions a more confident person, excited for what new progress I can make with performing and even writing music. And, no backlash from my upstairs neighbours so far!” April 2020

“I am just about to complete my final lesson as part of the mentoring program developed by Lilli and I can safely and proudly say it is worth every penny you pay for! She is a spectacular tutor and allows you to tailor your individual lessons to whichever topics you want to focus on. She is a very encouraging mentor and with her program, you don’t just improve at your singing, theoretical and musicianship skills – you also build up confidence and individuality as a musician. 

Lilli is personable, approachable, and above all enthusiastic, which contributes to a great one-to-one atmosphere. She provides excellent feedback and supports you all the way, providing valuable resources that you can utilize indefinitely. 

I chose to focus on two things in my lessons: to grasp the basics of Jazz theory, and to repair my voice after an incident in my youth where I damaged my vocal cords. Lilli allowed me to decide which parts of the course I wanted to cover in my sessions, which provided variety and flexibility. 

Thanks to her tuition, I feel like I have developed not only as a singer but as a musician on the whole. I have gained so much confidence and have now started to not be afraid to sing out loud! I cannot recommend her program enough!” June 2020